“SIYUAN” Scholarship

“SIYUAN” Scholarship


Gratitude is both a beautiful virtue and a wholesome mindset. The Malaysian Social Entrepreneurs Foundation (MSEF) has set up the “Giving Back” Scholarship to encourage and reward students who come from low-income or marginalized families. This scholarship aims to help children with good academic accomplishments and moral character complete their education in the face of financial hardships or familial challenges.

Nowadays, schools and charities have set up various scholarships, grants, or loans to help students from economically disadvantaged families tide over the pandemic. By providing full scholarships to its applicants, this “Giving Back” Scholarship established by the Malaysian Social Entrepreneurs Foundation (MSEF) also aims to alleviate the financial burden faced by these families. We also hope that through this, the beneficiaries can learn the virtue of gratitude and give back to the community.

Therefore, upon completion of their studies, the Foundation requires the beneficiary students to participate in the “Youth Volunteer Training Programme” for one year. Under this programme, the volunteers take part in acts of public welfare, serving the community and various charity organizations. The Foundation hopes that taking part in this programme will allow students to become more compassionate and empathetic towards others when they set foot into society in the future.

Education Partners

1. Malaysian Social Entrepreneurs Foundation (MSEF) have cooperated with five local non-government colleges and universities. The scholarship programme supports promising Malaysians who are pursuing their tertiary education including Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Southern University College,New Era University College, Han Chiang University College of Communication and Oneworld Hanxin College.